Op-Ed. Politics; Business & Economy; Security & Defence; Energy; Environment; Human Rights; Culture; Dining in Europe; Politics. In 1932 Poland made marital rape illegal. Tuesday, November 17, 2020 Sign in. And she’s not wearing designer dresses. Looking forward to further updates on the issue! Poland's decision to leave treaty aimed at preventing violence against women sparks criticism In one video, shared on social media, officers can be … Thousands of women are protesting about women’s rights in Poland but demands are changing into calls for democracy in the conservative country. your email. Poland was among the first nations to grant women legal rights: women's suffrage was delivered in 1918, after the country regained independence that year, following the 123-year period of partition and foreign rule. The leader of Poland’s ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, accused demonstrators of seeking the destruction of the nation and appealed to supporters to “defend Poland.” All-Poland Women's Strike was created as one of the groups organising the September 2016 Black Protests against proposed legislation that would have tightened abortion law. Get help. It was established in 1910. Recover your password . History The earliest Women’s Day was held on 28th February 1909, […] Wojtek Radwański /AFP/Getty Images. Recover your password. Thanks for covering the issue of women’s abortion rights. Women’s rights protesters incensed by the country’s strict new laws clash with rightwing gangs in the Polish capital Published: 1 Nov 2020 Bagpipes and … ICLG - Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations - Poland covers common issues in employment and labour laws and regulations – terms and conditions of employment, employee representation and industrial relations, discrimination, maternity and family leave rights and business sales – in 51 jurisdictions The events in Poland show what is at stake for all of Europe, and beyond. Womens Rights In Poland - Boycott the Abortion Ban in Poland. Women’s rights activists and thousands of supporters are holding a fifth day of protests across Poland after a top court tightened the predominantly Catholic nation’s already strict abortion law Women in Poland walked off the job and hit the streets nationwide on Wednesday, the seventh straight day of mass protests over a court ruling to … Until 1993 it was even a public Holiday in Poland. Despite the improvement of the state's policies regarding women's rights, Polish women still faced discrimination on various levels. A third of Poland has now declared itself to be an official "LGBT-free" zone as local towns sign a pledge adopting resolutions against "LGBT propaganda". Front-line activists in Poland were aware of the looming attack on women’s rights in … By Kinga Stánczuk. PODCAST . November 22, 2020 at 9:16 pm Great article! We want to go on record saying that Vigo's Dad channel Supports Strajk Kobiet 2020. The latest ruling on abortion constitutes a further worsening of women’s rights in Poland. Academic Agnieszka Graff, lawyer Karolina Więckiewicz and gynaecologist Anna Parzyńska discuss their fight for abortion rights. We stand with them every step of the way.” Background: (1) Article 4a, sec. It is observed as a symbol of respect for victims of fights for equal rights for women. Search. Aborcja Bez Granic. MEPs condemn setback to women’s sexual & reproductive rights in Poland - EU Today. 1 point 2 and Article 4a sec. Prawa Kobiet w Polsce. 04 November 2020 Abortion in Poland: women fight for their rights. Thousands of women are protesting against Poland's new abortion laws in cities across the country. The protests brought together 100,000 protesters who marched in 143 villages, towns and cities in Poland. Women’s Day, Polish: Dzień Kobiet is celebrated each year on 8th of March. Poland: Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations 2020. your email. Log into your account. Following the abortion ban in Poland, Conservative writer, Dinah, argues protestors should patiently wait for next election, others disagree. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Three women on their fight for abortion rights in Poland Academic Agnieszka Graff, lawyer Karolina Więckiewicz and gynaecologist Anna Parzyńska discuss their fight for abortion rights. your username. Last week, Poland banned abortion after its government stacked the courts with right-wing ideologues. Members of a far-right organization and police remove women from a church where they were protesting church support for tightening Poland's already restrictive abortion law in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020. Poland, Saudi Arabia and 29 other countries have joined the United States in signing a declaration on women’s health that denies the right to abortion, promotes “the family as foundational to society”, and emphasises “each nation’s sovereign right” to implement its own policies in these areas. But they didn’t count on women fighting back — and now they face a historic wave of protest. I very much admire how women of all age groups, from teenagers to ‘grannies,’ got together against anti-abortion law in Poland. Domestic violence in Poland is widespread and underreported, according to the Warsaw-based Women’s Rights Center, an organization that works to prevent attacks against women. Forgot your password? A proposed bill to further restrict abortion in Poland presented a fresh challenge for women's rights activists there: how to protest in the time of coronavirus. WARSAW, Poland — Karolina Micula had used her bare chest in political protest once before. October 2020 by fnfeurope. The protests in Poland against more stringent abortion legislation are continuing, with roughly 100,000 people demonstrating and paralysing traffic in Warsaw on Friday. Poland’s Historic Fight for Abortion Rights. Reply. Three women on their fight for abortion rights in Poland. Welcome! Password recovery. December 9, 2020. No model comes to mind with greater credibility and force of conviction on the subject of positive sexuality and women’s reproductive health than Anja Rubik.To underscore her deep commitment to this core value of a democratic society, Anja covers the December 2020 issue of Vogue Poland. Following the example of the Norwegian Humanist Association , Humanists International calls on humanists from all around the world to show their support to women in Poland by sharing photos on social media with the hashtag #WeStandWithPolishWomen – you can download and print the sign from here . Bookmark Poland – Defending Women’s Rights . Its head has announced that among his plans is “banning LGBT ideology”, and critics warn that the aim of the body is to pursue a conservative “moral crusade”, including by restricting women’s and LGBT rights. An attempt by authorities to impose a near-total ban on terminations has sparked mass demonstrations across the country. Poland’s government has set up a new Department of European Identity with the aim of protecting “human rights and fundamental freedoms”. Women’s rights groups, Polish nationalists face off as churches become flash points in protests over abortion law . Poland constitutional court issued a ruling on Thursday that further restricts abortion rights in Poland, triggering four straight days of protests across Poland. Your email address will not be published. Poland: Joint Statement: International Solidarity with Women and Peaceful Protestors As organizations committed to the advancement of human rights and gender equality, we stand in solidarity with all those in Poland who for the last week have peacefully protested against the politicized attack on women’s fundamental human rights and access to health care. Women in Poland have sustained attacks against their rights again and again, and will not stop fighting for their right to abortion care. Watch: Thousands of women's rights activists gather to protest Poland's near abortion ban This week, we received a call from a woman who passed the phone to the man, who explained their situation. your password. Presented by … The Constitutional Tribunal in Poland has granted a request by more than 100 right-wing conservative MPs and declared abortions, even on account of severe foetal defects, to be unconstitutional.