One good thing about Dark Souls' marketing is that the art and characters it uses are all found in the game. Once upon a time, preceding a certain patch, the top spot would've gone to Havel's set, in keeping with a once-popular build. No kidding, its owner is literally named Havel the Rock, a dude who wanted to slay dragons so much, he wore rocks because it's immune to their attacks. A vanquished knight left behind only wolf's blood, and legacy of duty. 2 iron set/solaire's armor. The Dark Set lets you play out your Skeletor fantasies while instilling fear to players you invade. But there are plenty of light options that offer more benefits than it does. Armor is an important part of Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered, as its many resistances and weight will determine how effective you are in combat. They can be acquired from bosses and other enemies/characters. #8 Dark Souls is held in such high regard because it seamlessly combines together separate game systems and mechanics that other games would have failed to harmonically blend. Dark Souls' Best Heavy Armor Sets Ignoring the fact that there are different types of physical damage, the heavy armor set with the highest base physical defense is the Giant Armor Set according to the Fextralife wiki. The Black Set doesn't look half bad, so long as you fancy looking like that old creep, Oswald. The Velstadt’s armor has an excellent dark and bleed resistance, but is vulnerable to lightning. You can buy Smough's armor set from Domhnall of Zema after defeating Ornstein the Dragonslayer first then Smough, the Executioner after. You can have Tarkus' no-nonsense armor by looting his corpse located to the left of the huge painting in Anor Londo, you shameless looter. Here are the top ten best Dark Souls armor sets for me: Winged Knight Set - Perfect for Strength and Vitality. Whenever you're having difficulty with bosses who refuse to fight you fairly, you can call on your buddy Solaire to even out the playing field. Who you kill first or last depends on which armor set Domhnall of Zema will sell to you (Ornstein's armor or Smough's). NEXT: Ranked: The 10 Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls, Damien is an unprofessional gamer, keyboard enthusiast and hack-of-all-trades with an unhealthy cat habit. RELATED: 9 Hilarious Dark Souls Memes That Will Make Players Say "Same". Image source . He is well-versed in multiple fandoms that gravitate toward the edgy and nihilistic spectrum of the internet culture. He was also designed to maximize damage and take advantage of the stagger or stun-lock mechanic of the game. It's big, it's ridiculous, and it was once the bane of the Dark Souls PVP scene. Dark Souls 3 is a beautiful game. Despite this, Giant Dad also has a high physical defense, high poise, and is agile enough to dodge. Outside of being a writer for Screen Rant, he also works as a journalist and has risked his life for mere warzone photos. RELATED: Ranked: 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 Wiki Guide: Weapons, Walkthrough, armor, strategies, maps, rings, bosses, items and more. the lord's blade set is medium weight gear. It gave him the unanimous community moniker, "Onion Knight." It has remarkably poor defensive stats, offers some minimal resistances, and it looks as if its been freshly dug out from the very bottom of a dumpster. Compared to the Havel armor set, all the previous armor featured above are pretty much just fragile luxury cars. Traditionally imbued in the power of miracles, but now sinking in dark, prolonged exposure in the Undead Crypt; another best armor option is the Velstadt. the best light armor pieces are the dingy robe (best magic & lightning def in the game) + blood stained skirt (from the dingy set), and the tattered cloth hood + tattered cloth manchette (from the pyro starting gear). A dense patch of thorns grows to form its surface. It is also worn as a regular armor by Darkwraiths, edgy NPC enemies that can stun-lock you. This armor set belonged to the great and tragically heroic Knight Artorias. Giant Dad is not an official character or boss, nor an official armor set in Dark Souls. 3 black iron set. RELATED: Dark Souls Vs. Casuals Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words. It's lightweight, at least. Havel also beats up dragons with a huge mace fashioned out of a dragon fang he yanked out from one of his victims. It has some of the lowest physical defense ratings in the game, and offers absolutely nothing in terms of poise. Location: Dark Souls 2 base game. So beautiful, that some of the armor sets included in the game don’t do justice to the eerie looks of Lothric. This means obtaining it early is usually not going to be in the cards, but it's well worth the wait and the effort. Though its poise rating isn't quite as monstrous as Havel's, the Giant Set still offers a sturdy amount of it alongside its better defensive statistics once upgraded. The Elite Knight set is one of the poster armor sets of Dark Souls. Dark Souls is held in such high regard because it seamlessly combines together separate game systems and mechanics that other games would have failed to harmonically blend. As a result, Artorias himself became corrupted and berserk. You must purchase it from Navlaan in late game after figuring out how to get him to talk to you. Once upgraded fully, it offers some of the highest physical defenses in the game, exceeded only by the upgraded Giant's set. The major downside is the fact that you must join the Darkwraith Covenant and reach level two status before you can have it. The Catarina armor set, worn by the brave but foolhardy Siegmeyer of Catarina or his daughter, Sieglinde. You can be a Solaire after you acquire his armor from his corpse in Lost Izalith... oops, er-- forget you read that. It weighs very little, if nothing else, and probably beats going stark naked when braving the world of Dark Souls. Smough's armor is also slightly lighter. 3) Zwei… Knight Armor is a great choice. The only thing what can beat it in the Heavy armor category is Smoughs Chestpiece with it's superior Magic defense. "Armor of a knight tainted by the dark of the Abyss. What is the best armor in Dark Souls? The Elite Knight's set definitely isn't the best armor in the game, but a lot of factors contribute to it being more desirable than many other options. The only noteworthy aspect of the Hollow Warrior set is the fact that it's one of the lightest sets of armor to offer any poise, however little that may be. The Havel set is a tank, if the tank was made out of pure rock and testosterone. The cherry on top is its lion design-- to let players know you're no quitter and you took the harder path. Acquiring the Dark Set, however, is not as easy as killing Darkwraiths over and over again. As a result of wearing the Havel set, enemies will have to cry (or die) first before they stagger your character. Most importantly, it has excellent curse resistance, which can save quite a bit of headache when facing enemies capable of inflicting it. It isn't as if its totally useless, though. If only an armor sets could be so grossly incandescent like the sun. Then you realize he's actually a bit senile once you meet his worried daughter. It is the one worn by sun bro Solaire of Astora himself, whose existence and character is in stark contrast to the dark and ominous atmosphere of Lordran. It almost was, when you think about it. The Paladin set is one of the heavier "medium" armor sets in the game, but it offers a lot to make up for its somewhat unwieldy amount of heft. All this is made possible with Dark Souls' robust selection and variety of armor sets. So, as you push forward on your journey, I recommend just swapping out your equipment for whatever looks best. The twilight blue tassel is damp, and will ever remain so. Hey, no one said it's easy being edgy. 9 artorias' set. It is perhaps, one that best fits the chosen undead. 1 giant dad. RELATED: Game of Thrones Author Working on New Game With Dark Souls Developer? Unfortunately for low-level twinks everywhere, the set received a pretty significant nerf during one of the game's earlier patches, rendering it pretty lackluster when compared to other viable options. If you're playing purely to maximize the benefit, then it's likely that your best armor set up isn't going to consist of a singular matched set of armor at all, but rather a mixture of different pieces from different sets. Ever wanted to look like a supervillain in a skeleton costume? Players can buy this bulky suit of plate from the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo for a small stipend of 26,000 souls. Dark Souls 3 is a wonderful addition to the long-running franchise. Even a character with less than optimal endurance can equip the Elite Knight set without getting slowed down... too much. the 10 best armor sets in dark souls 10 elite knight set. The armor protecting the elite knights in service to Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, the Black Knight set remains one of the most iconic armors in Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls … In order to get it, you have to shoot the wyvern's tail several times, while you're under the bridge (between Undead Burg and Undead Parish). As such, his armor has come to represent his favorite phrase, "jolly cooperation." It boasts high defensive statistics, and a little more poise than the comparable Elite Knight's set. Still, Ornstein's set is worth the additional hard work. Much like other aspects of the game, the armor you’ll collect for protection has gone through a few changes. It's also no joke for an armor set, it provides a decent balance between poise (the ability to endure stagger) and weight. If Havel's armor is too much for your feeble body to bear, then you can try one of the closest alternatives, Smough's armor. If there ever was an armor set which could inspire hope like no other, it would be the Iron set. This is probably thanks to the Catarina armor set which boasts high poise and respectable protection. But your question is kinda hard to answer because best as it pertains to someones opinion doesnt always mean its actually that good. As far as looks go, it's perfectly fine if you want something ugly, or you're shooting to cosplay as a Hollow for some reason. RELATED: Ranked: 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls 2. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Its fire and poison resistances still leave it useful on a situational basis, but only just so. A fitting item for the murderous Kirk, for even the … The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. What makes the armor special, of course, is the one who wears it-- a true friend who won't hesitate to help in the darkest of times and praise the sun! As one might guess, the main drawback of Havel's armor is the fact that it is heavy. For those who persevered, however, and defeated Smough on steroids, you get to have his armor. The other poster armor of Dark Souls. The Ashen one will literally only survive and extra hit or maybe two. It can be seen first worn by Oscar, the undead knight who gives you his Estus flask after dying. You are allowed the freedom to make your nameless waste of skin undead character into a flashy revenant. In fact, they're nothing special compared to others here. The Havel set can be found in a chest hidden behind an illusory wall located in the main building leading to Gwynevere in Anor Londo. Here's your chance to fulfill those dreams of angst. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. A one-stop shop for all things video games. You can acquire the Mask of the Father from the boss Pinwheels in The Catacombs. It's comparable to the Havel set in terms of stats but has less poise or resistance to stagger. And that's half right. What set of armor will end up working to your advantage is largely going to revolve around your build and play style. While the Giant armor can be bought from the Giant Blacksmith at Anor Londo. Sid Natividad likes movies so much as to choose the risk of urinary tract infection than miss a few minutes of post-credit Easter eggs, that shows the extent of his dedication. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The durability and poise stats are high. It has a physical resistance of 330 at +5. The short answer to this question is that there is no" best" armor. Combine this with the … Lightning damage is powerful but game creators try to make it weaker. 4 BEST: Havel's Armor It's big, it's ridiculous, and it was once the bane of the Dark Souls PVP scene. Either way, you can't go wrong with both heavy armor sets. Follow him on Twitter: @impulserational. Please see this page for a guide on choosing the best armor for your character. Decent defense for a light set, and gives great poison and fire resistance. This gives you heavy armor and lots of health so you can take more of a beating and play the game like you would most other action games (although maybe at somewhat of a slower pace). If you want a bit more swag, find the Fallen Knights armor. The Elite Knight set is one of the poster armor sets of Dark Souls. Smough and his S.O. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. If for some reason you'd still like to obtain it, all you need to do is set about picking off the surprisingly annoying Hollow Thieves in the Lower Undead Burg. In terms of weight it’s very balanced and comes in at 30.0 pounds. Best Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods (All Free To Download) BY Lewis Lewin This post may contain affiliate links. However, the Giant's Set now is now the most desirable (and likely overused) set in the game, offering superior defensive capability at the cost of some poise. Ornstein's armor set is a badge of honor. So, here's a list of some of the best armor in Dark Souls to help your chosen undead look more decent than a fancy Mardi Gras participant while still being a functional combatant. Any recommendations and locations/seller names? Given that this set drops off of the easiest and most frequently encountered enemies in the game, expectations should be pretty low to begin with. Main article: Armor (Dark Souls) For categorization purposes on this wiki, Light Armor Sets are armor sets in Dark Souls that have a total weight between 0 and 20. Enter Dark Souls 2 in 2014 with the Gyrm Set, a suit of heavy armor, a solid Viking-style helmet, and...Daisy Duke's signature cutoff jean shorts. It isn't exactly light in the weight department, but it is easily surmountable for those that want to maintain their mobility without sinking too much investment into it. Very high resistance to Frost. I tend to use the following sets the most: Gold-Hemmed Black set is my favorite light armor. Especially in PVP. He's actually more of a combination of different armor pieces and weapons (called "build"). The set is located behind an illusory wall in Anor Londo, assuming you get past the infamous Silver Knight archers that keep the area locked down. 10. However, its backstory is more than meets the eye. It's easily accessible, offers considerable poise, and has one of the better weight to defense ratios in the game. Dark Souls is considered by many in the gaming community to be a masterpiece not because it is a difficult game, that would be an understatement. Thankfully, Tarkus is a friend and not a meanie like Havel. All spears are good because you can use them while having your shield raised. Moon Butterfly Set. Of course, that is assuming you actually defeat Smough and didn't quit after his huge hammer shattered your hope of finishing Dark Souls. Still, he happens to get out by the skin of his teeth. The result is a hatemail magnet and the most popular and most infamous build in Dark Souls. Light armor on the other hand generally has low physical defense as it weights very little. Later on it is not enough. 8 catarina set. The Hollow Thief's set, like a lot of the Hollowed sets of armor, is the very definition of junk. This is not an easy item to get. 6 havel's set. A lot of players can get by just fine with no armor at all. 4 ornstein's set. Check out my Dark Souls 2 top ten armor sets below. You can pick up the complete set from a corpse located in an area gated by a white fog. It can be obtained from the Giant Blacksmith for 26,000 souls, and though this list refers specifically to complete armor sets, swapping the helmet out for a particularly fatherly mask (and a few other choice accessories) might just cause one to become unstoppable. With all of these things considered, many players wonder what the "best" armor is for their chosen style of play (fast or slow). This page features the many Armor sets in the game as well as their stats and the manner by which you can obtain them.