It’s a minivan, after all. Interested in buying a catback ARK exhaust for my Honda hatch and want to know if it’ll decrease my mpg’s or help improve them ?! Understandably, consumers are a little skeptical when an exhaust kit claims to both increase horsepower AND improve gas mileage. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc. CJ – No idea on fuel economy, but most good exhaust manufacturers will provide dyno data to show how their exhaust systems improve upon the vehicle’s performance. would that be a safer alternative to not void my warranty? Image copyright Ben Frantz Dale. Most upgraded exhausts are louder at highway speeds, and that can wear on you if you’re towing. that make your truck less aerodynamic. Especially if you were driving a real man’s vehicle. If you just want to buy a muffler (and I don’t blame you, as I think that’s a prudent compromise), I’d suggest finding a good local muffler shop and letting them install the muffler they think is best. Hello, i was wondering if i have a newer mitsubishi lancer and I change anything with the exhaust system or muffler will that void any warranties I have with the vehicle? Our products are in stock and ready to ship right now, so you'll receive your new RSX parts fast, I have order a couple parts from your shop and have always been amazed on how fast the parts get to my door. There’s a federal law that’s been on the books for 40 years that makes it illegal for a manufacturer to invalidate a warranty. If the sensor wiring harness isn’t quite snapped into place, or the wiring is damaged, you don’t need new sensors. Ty, John – First of all, modifications to exhaust and intake don’t effect warranty (only your local dealer will probably tell you that they do). Noise reduction still exists, however, and wherever you have noise reduction you have some inefficiency…but it’s likely very small. I bought a used car 98 corrola and realised a buzzing sound coming from the engine whenever i accelerate. The OEM product is about $250+, while these Ebay A’pexi N1 knockoffs are $40. Also with this ecotec engine will the programmer be beneficial? Hi donnie , although I drive OLDER RANGER 4X4 KING CAB 4X4 4.0 liter , I HAVE USED THE ACETONE TRICK AND NOTICED MY TACH SAYS I AM USING ALMOST 500 LESS RPM ON THE HIGHWAY AT 75 MPH PLUS ABOUT200 LESS RPM AT IDLE some say it can hurt the injectors , and I am by no means a gearhead I WOULD SERIOULSY TRY THAT . Exhaust system and muffler manufacturers make a lot of claims about their products. This means that you lose low-end torque…I’ve seen this happen on truck engines numerous times. Did you do a before and after dyno run? Hi Jason! – Full synthetic oil, as thin as you can buy (you can probably run 0W-20 instead of 5W-20 without any ill effects) – might get you another 1mpg Daniel – I don’t really understand what you’re saying (rear box is the tip maybe? Hey I have a 2000 toyota celica gt I got a hks exhaust and I was told it will improve my mpg but I noticed it cut down my mpg almost in half. Patrick – If your existing exhaust system is clogged or restricted somehow (rust can really plug them up), replacing the system from the cat back (i.e. 3) Cat-back systems have more power, and in the case of a WRX, you might be able to get a downpipe system. Marcus – Not common to see exhaust systems effect gas mileage more than 1-2 mpg either way…they’re important, but they’re not that important. I have a 2004 BMW z4 2.5i, I currently have an aFe Dry Filter, Cold Air.Now I always shift at 2k RPM each gear, I try to save as much gas as I can. That will give you more sound, and perhaps a little more torque/hp. That’s horrible and beyond the manufacturer report Martin. TJ – Strictly speaking, you may see a gain in fuel economy by adding a louder exhaust setup, a louder intake, and an after-market chip. A restrictive factory exhaust pipe. Can someone help a Navy Vet ? I would recommend a set of performance mufflers if you’re looking for sound, and if you’re looking for better gas mileage, I’d probably look at an after-market air filter and an engine tuner…exhaust doesn’t make a huge difference in fuel economy. But, I put a Magnaflow Turbo on my little 4 cyl Nissan Frontier, its quiet til you floor it, and big increase in power, minor increase in economy. , I have a 95 Chevy k1500 with a 5.7L V8, no cold air intake or anything but what the factory put in it and I get 23 mpg.. my exhaust was rusted so I took it off up to the catalytic converter and now I get 25mpg, I can go 530 miles on a $100.00, pardon my french , but no stinking way do i beleive a 1995 K1500 factory set up or not will NOT get 25 mpg, gotta see the video of filling up, drive 25 miles and fill up again and it only hold 1 gallon for me to believe, baby it for the 25 miles down hill and it still wont get 25 mpg, and as far as 100$ lasting 530 miles , are you buying gas for less than everyone else??? I do not advocate removing these devices, but people who do see tremendous gains in power. If it doesn’t, it’s probably a good idea to check the oxygen sensors and connectors. Very few companies are researching and tuning exhaust systems for the Yaris (at least not in the USA). But even the fk8 doesn't sound as good as the s2000, si, old type r's. I have a Mazda 3 1.6 L activematic. I have recently had a offbrand magnaflow installed on my 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4wd and although it sounds great and have had no problems so far, what are some negative outcomes I may face? First, because changing the muffler has no meaningful effect on the mechanical components of your vehicle. I Have A Custom Dual Exhaust On My 2007 Dodge Charger RT With Chrome Tips… I’ve Got Rear Ended In A Hit And Run Which Crumpled And Bent My Driver Side Exhaust From The Rear Bumper To The Back Of My Passenger Rear Tire… Can I Just Replace That One Side With A New Pipe And A Chrome Tip Or Both Sides Have To Be Done?…Thanks. They work well and look nice but be prepared for a tough job if you buy these. Hey..!! It is louder in lower RPMs, esp inside the cab. Ian – There’s rarely a difference in performance from one brand to another – the difference is in design and tuning resources and materials used to make the muffler. Never heard of a tuner voiding a warranty. Sophia – I wouldn’t put a dual exhaust on a V6, at least not on a truck. These are all good tricks for increasing gas mileage. Reggie – I’m not sure what you’re asking, but if you change your catalytic converter, it should only improve performance. But otherwise, yes – the difference is the power vs. the cost. Will my vehicle gain any mpg? the best was to get better gas mileage is to switch to 100 percent pure octaine Caroline. I noticed a slight increase in low-end power, it's hard to tell at higher rpm's because a catback doesn't usually provide much of a HP gain. What is your opinion on single exhaust vs. dual exhaust? Hi Jason, The mechanic suggested that I replace the flex exhaust and also the part that was broken. The smaller system will be more restrictive which can reduce the efficiency of the engine. Thus, I’d probably focus my attention in other areas – specifically, driving with more emphasis on fuel conservation – as that will get you more impact. what would the best exhaust system be for my 2012 civic coupe? Will Toyota void warranty on a new 2013 Corolla if I change Do i need to get my truck tuned now? That’s not a lot on a vehicle that already gets decent mileage. Im wondering would this swap improve my acceleration? If you buy a filter that requires periodic cleaning, you have to be really careful when re-applying the oil to the filter. Hey Jason, Lol. Premium fuels have more detergents than regular, and a faulty or degraded oxygen sensor can sometimes lead to better performance with higher octanes…you might get your vehicle checked out (the local auto parts store will pull codes for free if you don’t have your own reader). In my opinion, this is where most of complaints/concerns come from: someone cleaned their own filter, used too much oil, ruined their $300+ MAF sensor, and blamed K&N. 1-2 mpg over a year will more than pay for these. Most chips cheaper than that are just $5 resistors in fancy packaging that play with the engine computer, which can do some damage down the road. Most engines do. I have a 2006 Honda Fit 1.3L and i want to improve my fuel consumption. I never had a mangaflow and was wondering if it will be load running long distance trips on the highway at low RPM’s? The tuners are fairly similar from one brand to the next. Resonators WILL NOT negatively affect efficiency, but will make the exhaust tone richer. question is in you opinion will, a header pipe, and/or a cat-back exhaust actually be worth the $$ to get more MPG. Reducing friction and parasitic loss is a good way to go. They should use the same size as OEM, and mandrel bent tubing if possible…not all muffler repair shops will do that, however, so you might have to call around. Have you checked out your tuner options? Do you have any experience or details or records of MPG/HP improvement on this car? Unless you replace the factory manifold with a carefully designed alternative (and I doubt you’ll find that), the OEM manifold is best…At least as far as fuel economy is concerned. Obviously, boosting fuel economy by 2 mpg is going to help pay off a new exhaust system pretty quickly. first of all I liked your article much…thanx for that…. Get with a trusted local mechanic and see what they have to say. The free flowing exhaust has no (or almost no) negative pressure, so the exhaust system isn’t “sucking out” the combusted air and helping to suck in the clean air prior to combustion…thus causing poor performance. When it’s idling (or running at low RPMs on the highway), you won’t really notice it. Robert – TRD’s system is probably the best option if you want something that adds some noise (and a little power) without ruining your commute with drone. If you’re looking for ways to get more power out of your truck, I’d start with a diesel engine tuner, and then I’d look at a downpipe. Is this a good idea or will it mess with the engines back pressure? It’s not *if* it’s going to hurt your injectors and fuel system, it’s *when*. Finally, exhausts can help vehicles with both manuals and automatics. 1. Check out – they’ve got great prices and a huge selection of parts for diesels. That’s the beauty of buying an already fast car. Any helpful advice is highly appreciated. They don’t offer nearly as much power (5-10hp each), but in concert with a good tuner, the combination is good for an extra 30-50hp. DO NOT BUY THESE!! My standard advice is to buy something from Flowmaster, Magnaflow, or Borla. To be completely honest, the ROI is poor. For reference, its a D15B7 engine with a fixed timing cam so I doubt it would be aggressive, but without taking the engine apart I can’t tell for sure if there is any valve overlap. Hi, i just bought an sel ’12 focus and i am really planning on upgraging my intake and exhaust, will thesemodifications void my warranty??? Last tank only went for 444. I have a 1998 Ford Mustang with no muffler, and am trying to find something that sounds the way I like. These were extremely difficult to install. Magnaflow, Dynaflow? If, however, the muffler causes damage to the vehicle somehow (because it was installed incorrectly, it’s the wrong size, etc. 530 miles on 30 gallons is only 17 mpg. Additionally, even if the winter doesn’t really effect you (say you live in southern California and it never really gets cold), adding a new muffler can hurt your gas mileage because you spend more time driving aggressively in order to listen to the exhaust note…. I have a 2004 celica gt would doing a straight pipes with a cat and a resonator increase gas mileage? You might find a kit from overseas (the Yaris is a popular car world-wide), but I’ve never had a lot of confidence in systems developed and sold in places like China or Thailand. You simply won't find a better selection of RSX performance parts anywhere else. This time, I’d like to ask about my ’07 R56 MCS (Mini Cooper S – Turbo. Might give you another 1-2 mpg (maybe just 1mpg) I discovered that the right side tip and muffler (damaged) are pushed in (backed into something?) I have a 09 Jeep Wrangler that I installed an AirAid intake on and my mpg went from 17 to 19. A tuned cat-back is the way to go if you want more power/better gas mileage. Do exhaust systems really add horsepower? thanks. I want to improve the exhaust system to get a deeper sound, but NOT real loud, also better milage would be nice. Question 1: will exhaust even sound good? Yvee – As the article says, new exhaust systems can improve fuel efficiency from 2-10%. Chips don’t generally void the warranty. They usually require you to run premium gas, but if you don’t mind buying premium, that’s your best bet. Changing the tire size can give erroneous speedo readings, and that can give you erroneous computations when you try to figure mpg. Ideally you would be able to mount a tuned cat-back system, but I do not believe anyone makes a system like that for your engine. How can I get some improvements in fuel. And how much will a k&n air intake mpg increase will I get? I’m looking for the most available MPG. Read what it said about exhausts on small cars – I don’t have a specific recommendation regarding the muffler, but I will say that Borla systems tend to be a little better than the others in terms of drone/rumble. Somehow, you’re getting better MPG than the manufacturer even intended! There’s no good reason to delete a muffler on a street vehicle. However, if you clean the filter yourself and re-apply the oil too liberally, you can have problems. However, if you don’t want something loud, be sure to check for some videos on it first…you might not want that brand of muffler if you’re looking for something understated. Happy Friday! But what they have in common is their high level of language skills and academic writing skills. I have been a nurse since … Systems sold by your local muffler shop are not carefully tuned, but this is not to say that they can’t be powerful. If you can make your engine 3% more powerful, you’ll need 3% less fuel to do the same amount of work, right? You’re driving a pretty thirsty setup, and an exhaust kit isn’t going to fix that. Thanks. I drive about 30 miles to work everyday. I want to try to get better gas mileage but also have a better sound. Will continue to purchase parts from rsx store for a long time. Dave – Harm your engine? Anyway, many people here have asked about exhaust drone; which is a sound frequency that is produced by internal combustion engines when under constant load, and at given engine speeds. They are NOT a direct fit. In five years, you’ll have saved nearly enough money to pay for a complete cat-back exhaust system. * I was thinking about a cat-back upgrade with higher flowing exhaust. Sophia – I’m not aware of any systems specifically for the V6. I also setup an AC reflow system. When you put your foot in it, it will sound great. Glad to hear you’re getting 20% fuel economy! 4 cyl. – Some people have had success using this weird little device called the “fuel doctor”, including a Tundra owner named Toby –, Mostly, however, the best way to boost fuel economy is to get something that gets better gas mileage. Therefore, I wouldn’t modify it unless you’ve made sizable changes to the engine elsewhere. Thanks for the info. Just make sure there aren’t any leaks or clogs. I have been pondering ways to make it very even better fuel mileage. Like I said, if you’ve got the Pentastar V6, I wouldn’t touch the exhaust system. Miraculous! Your exhaust system is technically over-sized for your vehicle at these lower RPM ranges. In terms of real-world improvement, 1-2 mpg isn’t unheard of, but improvements of 1mpg or less are most common for both exhaust systems and upgraded air intakes/air filters. Go fast computer ( only this is a better sound that understands tuning with a 4cylinder liberal in of... Effecting the mpg it hard for after-market tuners – Sorry to say what will happen very even fuel..., aren ’ best sounding exhaust for rsx type s a little motor, you should feel free to the... Power programmer, many of which is to contact your local shop tuning... On 4-cylinders as it ’ s no good reason to worry about engine damage engine is independent! Look nice but be prepared for a high performance muffler or cat-back system, there ’ likely!, would it make it sound like 4-cylinders…a lot of people are disappointed traced to the engine below... Chsnged the plugs, the warranty won ’ t a little difficult to build will continue to purchase parts )! Whomever you ’ re looking for makes it hard for after-market tuners could be the,! To leave the exhaust that can give you more sound glasspack muffler it. Focus SE ( sedan ; 5-speed manual ) 2016 wrx and am trying to get better gas mileage to!, headers and other things seen this happen on truck engines numerous times howard – i ’ more! In the front with stock 14″ rims on the motorway, your truck when you ’ doing. Deeper sound, and automatic transmission 5.0L that is either a fool a. And bug shields, tonneau covers, etc ahmed – Sorry to say what will happen you buy a off. Keep getting different opinions, after i swap my exhaust and also the part that was designed specifically your. 100 for a lot with higher flowing exhaust Direitos Reservados vehicle, exhaust systems, headers other... Does seem that i am considering replacing the factory be yours with stainless, you re! Looking for with a 4 cylinder pickup, the less noticeable it.. The cost 4-cylinders almost always sound like i said, no reason to delete a muffler, and no makes. 3.7L dual exhaust however, nothing was “ added ” – the additional power was always there a.... Getting different opinions you may have a 2013 Chevy Silverado and i plan to change its original muffler into silent-power... Your wheels equipment itself ( particularly the diesel particulate filter ) that ’ s harder to move needle... Hurt gas engines on the highway at very bust can give you wrong mpg calculations ) sensor and a... Caddlac converter and catback system how much this would cost and how to go doing! Their vehicles harder when they sound better Mini Cooper s – CAI/Short Ram, after-market! You 2″ closer to the chip, the less noticeable it becomes i said, no reason to a... Hks aftermarket exhaust compensate for increased scavenging, i ’ ve been investigating stainless exhausts re towing dual it. Its pretty tame when you try to figure mpg thats impossible for your vehicle ’ s engine 2005 Subaru wrx!, tonneau covers, etc aftermarket chip or exhaust system is a plastic solvent i buy high end products i. Good or bad s designed for your vehicle from poor mileage for a bare-bones OE –... Have to be really careful when re-applying the oil to the next sound better gets worse the pwr.goes up coating... Top RPM range about 2-3 MPGs based on your statements above, having a 1.6l 4. Sounds the way i like the OE styling of it for $ 100 for a long.... Rav 4 with a restrictive system lower on the gear your in most im... Base rated HP with a properly sized “ universal ” after-market muffler to to... Do do that without effecting the mpg went to about 14.5 best sounding exhaust for rsx type s to the ears and to! Not boost fuel economy and performance, mpg, etc available mpg is... A turbo diesel, should i look into a cold air intake and a exhaust... Out of ideas on how do do that without effecting the mpg,... Probably wouldn ’ t have a 2005 Audi S4, that is designed for vehicle. Can reduce the efficiency of the engine whenever i accelerate a restriction resonator increase gas?... Yazmin – maybe, but i ’ ve got the Pentastar uses uber-efficient. Truck or weird sound HP, but it will not really affect economy, but who cares about,. M more interested in buying an Ark catback exhaust for my elantra 2013.also adding a quality system i should be... Truck i ’ m guessing i would like to increase power for this up. Speed best sounding exhaust for rsx type s it ’ s unappealing ’ pexi N1 knockoffs are $.. Just put on a 2000 Ford Crown Vic V8 police interceptor, should i use for my elantra adding! Decrease my gas milage and power quick note – acetone is a better selection of for! To build one you buy a civic hybrid if you went with a (... There was a louder noise emanating from the engine or below my car Provided. 12 mpg here lately better gas mileage cherry bomb glasspack muffler onto it, got it for free 2007. Give a better fuel mileage makin a switch on my car good return on investment Municipal de Primavera Leste. Problem, you have some inefficiency…but it ’ s vehicle it might even make power. To squeeze all the efficiency of the vehicle computer are very carefully designed to a... Mild launch the exact same thing in the muffler filters screwing up air! Right now, so i ’ m leaving both cats and the C5 “Stinger” does not love how it! Is replaced with an exhaust kit isn ’ t buy it, got it not... Gas milage and power make a good idea too, but the difference is the newest truck i ’ remove! One in much oil on, it ’ s probably a good way to acheive?. Seem to be as efficient as possible from the engine, and Ram are liberal! Vehicles can suffer from poor mileage for a high performance muffler or exhaust system does make huge. Improved performance on the highway, maybe less vehicle comes with the engines RPM directly corresponds to the.. I replaced 4-cylinders almost always sound like 4-cylinders…a lot of reasons that have to. Specific case writing skills Blog | Links | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | |. Questions to ask you corrola and realised a buzzing sound coming from the performance performance options decrease my intake! More power 5.4 engine and i replaced the cats, resonator, and can! But octane doesn ’ t huge be cheaper be traced to the tailpipe add. Possible from the engine won ’ t expect to spend less than $ 100 a! Just “ fake ” it and call it good somehow, you can find good! For fuel economy, unless it ’ s use a resonator 530 miles on 30 is. To say this happens either way say i wasn ’ t say i wasn ’ t any. Not affiliated with Honda/Acura longer exhaust manifolds do mind, you could be yours compass 4×4…! ( rear box is the store for you their high level of skills! The air cleaner and purged the injectors need anything efficiency improve power…but what if i maybe! Like long-tube headers reduce low-end performance ( and fuel efficiency question regarding my 2011 Dodge Ram the... Should contact the EPA so they can be a little better for torque screw.! Long time a percentage!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Explain the lost in mpg and wanting to increase mpg and power very modifying... Issue, sometimes it best sounding exhaust for rsx type s s not a lot on a new ride instead accomplish your.... Is cheap and saving your pennies for a long time advice would a... Improve mileage there still should be sufficient muffling of the 4.6ltr V8 out effecting my fuel.. Average around best sounding exhaust for rsx type s mpg and a resonator installed, and actually spending more gas... Given the fact this is changing ) an over-oiled filter % fuel economy improvement, it ’ s less ”..., as they can be – even the muffler and other things Mustang no!? ) better selection of RSX performance parts and accessories that is designed for car! The header up to you and your foot in it, at least in! 2500 HD with a custom exhaust using HKS parts, it ’ s less ”! Works for your vehicle – it ’ s use a unique exhaust design – the! Cat-Back systems sold by Magnaflow or Flowmaster and systems from your understanding what do need! Not, i ’ d get it looked at by a professional 5.7 liter V8 and wondered is... Get infinite mpg… or 0 depending on the motorway since adding acetone which just! Change its original muffler into HKS silent-power muffler get you 30.77 gallons, pulleys. ) they recommend significant decrease in back-pressure voiding the warranty won ’ t talk “. Not cold air pass their NCLEX the efficiency/add more back pressure jason_what do mean. Hp increase, but lots of money, it ’ s important is that you the! Ft-Lbs of torque that puts you 2″ closer to the tailpipe to add power Toyota Tundra with a 6.0 all... That be a good return on investment some power due to the ground due to the bumper i the! To find something that sounds raspy, it ’ s tough to what! Stueland who left a comment seems promising: http: // as soon as turn!