That lets drivers fit extra-long items in this compact SUV, at the expense of having a co-pilot to ride along. Will a 4x8 sheet of plywood fit inside and still close the tailgate ? Leah shows how to transport a full sheet of drywall home from the hardware store in a small vehicle. The frunk has only been used once in the 14 months I … What i have done for years is to use a light … I never use a full sheet. Reply. I can put up to three 3/4" on there without worry. ok, you can all laugh if you want but you wouldn't believe the wood I can fit in my bmw 330i. Can I lay a sheet of plywood or drywall down in the back of my Envoy? Honda doesn't use conventional speakers, but rather exciters behind the plastic bed walls to … The folks at HD or my local lumber yard help me load the stuff onto my car, and away I go, slowly of course, but I drive what I want and am not limited only to ones that can sort of carry a sheet of plywood. Mostly suited for heavy-duty projects; Requires an extension to reach 16.’ 8. It was fully assembled. I very seriously doubt it. Speaking of plywood, the Ridgeline's bed is wide enough that 4x8 sheets of the plywood or drywall will perfectly fit between the wheel wells. Plenty of … Active 3 years, 3 months ago. 1 year ago. On the top Sedona SX-L, Kia rips out those non-removable sliding seats and installs so-called 'first-class' lounge seating with retractable lower leg rests and headrests with winglets. with a truck with an 8 ft bed you put down the tailgate and that adds about 18 inches so you now have a bit over 9&1/2 ft of "floor" space!!! Registered. This is fine for plywood but not so good for drywall which has a propensity to snap when bouncing around while driving home (un-supported in the … ... Can a 75-inch TV Fit in an SUV? Willy . I ended up buying good quality drywall plugs at Home Depot for a few dollars more. It’s a bit disappointing that even high end Eames skimped on a low cost item like wall plugs. Not easy, but if you angle it (in my case the right side up because of the power rear door) you should be able to slide it in. Viewed 19k times 6. I have loaded 100 bd. Put Chevy’s redesigned SUV on the list of the year’s biggest, best surprises. Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL) Will a 4x8 sheet of plywood fit. No tool assembly/disassembly; Compact enough to fit in your car; Easy storage; Can handle sheet widths of up to 16.’ Cons . One of the things I liked about the Odyssey is that you can put 4' x 8' sheets of plywood or drywall in the cargo area and shut the hatch (obviously with the 2nd row seats removed and the 3rd row seat folded down.) Can you fit a 4X8 sheet of drywall or plywood in the back though? That's why I love the envoy. Feb 11, 2016 There's no better day of driving than the first day you bring home your shiny new truck. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. My wife and I just recently bought a 2014 Honda Odyssey and YES you (still) can. Drywall panel hoist - $135 (Bluffton) HaulMaster Drywall Panel Hoist. I still had room for another person, a full grocery run and a pet. What SUVS can fit a 4×8 sheet of plywood? Here are some tips for maneuvering your new rig to fit in your garage. The advantage of mounting a 70-inch TV on a drywall is that it gives you a theater-like viewing experience. With the 2nd row taken out and the 3rd row down, you can fit full sheets of ply. I really love the stow-n-go seating in the T&C. Sure, technically we'd have fit in a Honda Odyssey minivan or a Chevy Traverse SUV. Question is pretty straightforward: I have a cheap project and a large SUV, and I'd rather not drive the price of the project up by paying $20 to rent a pickup … Does anyone know if a 4x8’ sheet will fit with all seats folded down? Please GMC bring it back. I fit a 40 gallon water heater, including box in my S with the trunk fully closed. The only time we had an issue (2 large bookcases we found a an outlet that were a total steal) we rented a truck from Home Depot, no problem. A 4x8 sheet hangs out about 6-8 inches. I did put a ten foot length of metal stock on the dash and was able to close the rear door. The drywall plugs where cheap with all of the coatracks. Will break down to fit in a SUV, Pickup, or possibly a car. Save Share. I keep telling my wife it has more space than her SUV. 6inches wider shouldnt be much different. Can you fit a 4×8 sheet of plywood in a Subaru Outback? so you can SAFTLY haul boards up to 12 foot long! A mounted roof rack is the way to go, overall. A 4 x 8 sheet of plywood will (just) lay flat in the middle of a bed of a … Will a full sized bed frame fit into a SUV? I just called Home Depot and for $59 they'll deliver as much drywall and wood as I want. ... Can a 70-inch TV fit in an SUV? I just fit 3 4' x 4' sheets of tile backer in there last weekend. Out of box, but brand new, never used. More photo & price on The specs for 02-05 Explorers claim the hatch opening is 48.5"-- but that seems big for a midsize suv. The drywall must be able to bear this weight and it is possible only if you fix them on the studs. J. A 4X8 sheet of plywood will fit in back, but only if it's loaded at an angle over the tipped-forward second-row seats. Will a 4x8 sheet of plywood fit inside a Suburban/Yukon XL (2007-2014)? I figured that if it fit inside the SUV that they would show it off. The width at the wheel arches is 45 inches or so, so the sheet would probably have to be tilted, but it should fit in width. So by your description, if you put the material on an angle then the tail gate will shut even less. I can confirm that it will fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood with all of the rear seats (2nd and 3rd) row folded. If not, how about a Highlander or Xterra? This is with the rear seats fully folded. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. Oftentimes I’ve found you can fit more in a van than even a full size SUV. The 2004 brochure has a picture of the guy loading the drywall sheets with the material sticking out of the bumper area and there would be no way the hatch would shut down on that load. What SUV’s Can Carry a 4×8 Sheet of Plywood?Chevy Suburban.Ford Explorer.Ford Escape.Ford Expedition.Toyota Sequoia.Honda Pilot. Six sheets of drywall on another car's roof rack, over 100 BF of lumber on another. Just so you know - even on the Acadia's (which will fit 4' wide stuff) if you put a 4x8 in - the tail gate will NOT shut all the way. My wife sat on the remaining seat behind me (driver). Some people manage to carry their 75-inch TV in the unpacked condition in their mid-size SUVs. ... That way you can support both ends of the drywall. No, you can't fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood but I have my supplier cut it into 2x8's and in they go. And God know what else. _____ Tony Williams QC Charge 1780-104 La Costa Meadows Drive San Marcos, California 92078 USA A larger truck may be able to accommodate it more comfortably. You'll have to leave the gate open and might only be able to fit one sheet (i was able to lay mine down once inside because they were only 4' … Ok, it doesn't take much to convince me. But we still need to get our materials to their destination. ft. of 8/4 walnut. ... 2004 GMC Envoy XUV 4 Dr SLT SUV-Shopping & Pricing. I suppose we should just go see the MDX in person so we can tell if there is enough room for hauling general supplies. We’ve fit 8 foot long shelves (out the sunroof), a desk, bushes, and tons of other things in our cars. Bing March 29, 2018, 6:30pm #11. I folded all my seats and fit full sheets of drywall, which you know are longer than plywood and the same width. Start a new GMC Envoy … $20 is MUCH cheaper than the added gas and insurance on a newer, … When you opt for this kind of mounting, you must ensure that it remains secure in place. How to mount a 70-inch TV on a drywall. I am okay with it sticking out of the back - it's the width that I am wondering about. The size of the SUV plays an important role in determining … 2x4x8's fit because they can go between the front seats. I started with a 2002 Expy and as our crew of 3 became teens, they didn't fit in the third row. But, for plywood I built a removable roof-rack Rack. By Timothy Dahl. The title of the post says it all. Pros . So I ask you explorer owners: ... Have a 2005 and won't fit. Forum discussion: Hey folks, Considering purchasing a 2010 Pathfinder. Actually it should fit in a 3rd gen as I just fit 24x80inch door with the front seat almost flat and the 2 rearseat backrests folded down. I’ve only hauled a few boards (I think 3 stacked up) so I can’t speak to the total amount you can hail.-- paxorion (I have a 3rd gen). Atlas SUV; Will a sheet of 4' x 8' plywood fit in the Atlas? I think you can fit a sheet in the back of a pilot but it doesn't have a tailgate so some might hang out of the back end. Not all of us have a truck or SUV to transport large materials such as sheets of plywood or drywall. I like you. These days I think you are going to have a problem with any of the SUVs holding a 4x8 sheet of plywood without wrecking the interior or leaving the back door open. Sounds a lot better than trying to deal with getting it in an SUV. My wife and I were able to load a 24in two stage into the back of her 2001 vw golf much to the chagrin of a very negative lowes employee.. You can even drywall an entire room by yourself in little to no time. I’m pretty certain the new Explorer is able to fit one with the hatch closed, would be great for the Telluride to do so as well. Skip the movable roof (a bit of a waste) but keep all of the other features. Sent from my G9208SS using Tapatalk . Another possibility is to place it above the wheel arches, on the flat surfaces where the third-row cup holders are. I have a small SUV (Toyota Highlander) and regularly move very loads of boards (couple dozen board-feet, 8-footers) by laying down the back seats. Chevy SUV & Crossover Tech Forums. Artist Hand 11’Drywall … I can say that the 3rd row in the 2007-current vintage will fit real people (and teenagers - if they are real people). 1 Like.